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For over 60 years, the clients of Cesari Werner and Moriarty have counted on us to serve them with integrity, professionalism and a practiced, steady hand at the law. We have earned the respect of state and federal courts throughout California in matters of civil litigation.

All of our lawyers are well known for extensive courtroom experience and success before juries. Yet we are just as proud of our arbitration, settlement and mediation skills. Our boutique size and nimble handling of cases makes us a cost-effective choice for clients ranging from insurance companies to corporations to individuals.

our mission

Cesari Werner and Moriarty exists to provide aggressive, professional, thorough and economical representation for our civil litigation clients. While we always seek to resolve cases before entering the courtroom, we also prepare each case as if it may go to trial. Should a trial become necessary, we relish the opportunity, bringing deep litigation experience and a long history of success to every courtroom encounter.

our history

In 1964, young attorneys Ralph Cesari and Jim Werner found themselves as opposing counsel in a San Francisco trial. No one remembers the outcome except that it resulted in their partnership. What is today Cesari Werner and Moriarty was founded in 1965 by Ralph and Jim, with Dennis Moriarty joining the firm soon after. A second generation carried on with the trio’s sons, Paul, Andrew and Sean. From the beginning, the focus of the firm has been civil litigation, and the commitment to represent our clients before a jury if need be.

The firm’s originators were such believers in litigation. CWM’s younger lawyers are aggressively tutored in courtroom tactics. As a result, CWM’s current partners have courtroom experience beyond their years and have recruited associates just as practiced in, and committed to, trying cases.

About Us
arbitration and courtroom mastery for over 60 years

Attracting the Finest

The reputations of our founders, as well as the firm’s robust record of auspicious settlements and trial victories have proven to be powerful recruiting tools. We have attracted and retained some of the finest legal minds in the civil litigation arena. When you join Cesari Werner and Moriarty you become part of a smart team that understands smart growth. You’ll enjoy the challenge of meaningful work, a competitive salary and benefits, and a collegial atmosphere. Most of our employees have been with us for ten years or longer. Please take a look at our current job openings.

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